VS57 Mounting Brackets

This table lists VS57 mounting brackets that were available up until the end of 1956. Many of the 1956 brackets are also applicable to the 1957 model year, depending upon the engine options for that year. Some of these brackets require reinforcing braces which I will list separately at a later date. This section is by no means exhaustive so please contact me if you have any amendments or additions.

NOTE:- As I'm finding out about more brackets a trend is emerging that indicates that at least two versions of the brackets were made. The first version was generally stamped steel or cast iron, and the second is cast aluminum. Why McCulloch made two versions is not clearly obvious however I suspect that their was a change to the use of the aluminum mainly due to lightness and strength, although the additional cost also implies that this extra strength was needed. It's possible that when McCulloch switched from the 45 lb springs to the 65 lb springs bracket flex was occurring - hence the need for stronger brackets.



AB-1000 B 1954 to 1956 Buick


AC-1000 B 1950 to 1955 Cadillac

AC-1000 C 1956 Cadillac without air conditioning

AC- 1000 D - 1956 Cadillac with air conditioning



ACH-1000 B or CH101  - 1955 to 1957 Chevrolet. CH101 is the cast iron version and it also bolts onto the inline 6. I'm not sure if the aluminium ACH-1000B bracket has the same flexability or not.


ACO-1000 or ACO-1000 B 1955 to 1957 Corvette

This is the mounting bracket used to mount a Paxton supercharger on a Corvair engine. Lettering cast on the side of this aluminum bracket states "CORVAIR" and "PAXTON PRODUCTS,SANTA MONICA,CALIF" as well as the part number 38539-A. The second part of the bracket carries the part number 38681.



ACR-1000 or ACR-1000 B 1955 to 1956 Chrysler, 1956 Chrysler 300

AD-1000 B 1955 Dodge

AP-1000 B - 1956 Dodge, 1955 Plymouth

AP-1000 C  - 1956 Plymouth

ACM1000 - Chrysler Marine



37108 B  - 1950 to 1953 Ford & Mercury, 1953 Ford Pick-up (Also Universal). Right hand one has part numbers 37041A and F15092 cast into it (possibly later) and is slightly different to central one.


37350 1954 Ford & Mercury, 1954 Ford F100 truck


37605 1955 to 1956 Ford & Mercury (Y Block), 1955 to 1956 Ford Truck (Y Block)

F21006 (37604-1) 1955 to 1956 Ford/Mercury (Y Block)


AFT-1000 B 1955 to 1957 Thunderbird. Earlier version carries number FT-101 and appears to be exactly the same. Their was also an earlier stamped steel or cast iron version although I'm not sure of the numbering. A version numbered FT 101 G 7 has also been seen.

AF8-1000 B 1955 to 1956 F800

AFP-1000 - 1956 Ford Industrial F800


AJ-1000 Jaguar XK120 and XK140


736500 (McCulloch) and 215708 (Kaiser) - 1954-55 Kaiser Manhattan


37384 1954 to 1955 Lincoln


AL-1000 B  - 1956 Lincoln

ALC-1000 - 1956 Continental


AMG-1000 - MG-TD


AO-1000 B - 1950 to 1956 Oldsmobile


APO-1000 1955 to 1957 Pontiac

MORCO-1-100 1955 to 1957 Pontiac


AS-1000 B 1952 to 1954 Studebaker (side mount)

AD-1000 1953 to 56 Studebaker

AGH-1000 - 1956 Golden Hawk

 1957/58 Golden Hawk - Includes thermostat housing. Part numbers are 1542344 for the idler arm (1543559 with A/C) and 1542330 for the bracket (1543560 with A/C). The Idler pulley has part number 1542345 I believe.

1963-64 GT hawk and Lark. These were designed for the later SN units so I don't know how well they would work with a VS unit. Part numbers were 1557957 for the bracket, 1558664 for the idler arm and 1558663 for the idler pulley.



37108 B (Also 50-53 Ford/Mercury and 53 Ford Pickup). Right hand one has part numbers 37041A and F15092 cast into it (possibly later) and is slightly different to central one.