Help Me!

Iíve compiled this web site from the few documents I currently have copies of, and with the help if a few notable individuals. I know that their are many people who have extensive knowledge and experience of McCulloch Superchargers and hope that they are prepared to share that knowledge on this web site for the benefit of those, like myself, who lack the knowledge and experience.

If you have any knowledge or experiences that you would like to share, then could you please e-mail me, or preferably add an entry to the discussion pages.

I am specifically looking for further information/photographs of:

McCulloch Supercharger tips

Doís and Doníts

Installation pitfalls and tips

Historical information on development and manufacture

Recommended parts suppliers and rebuilders

Recommended literature and magazine articles

Experiences with running a McCulloch Supercharger

Safe modifications.

Direct Oil Systems


VR57 Phase I and II


The 30ís Supercharger

Anything really

Additionally I probably lack much literature related to the McCulloch Superchargers. If you have any manuals, catalogs or service bulletins that you are prepared to photocopy for me, or possibly sell, then I would be grateful for them. I would of course pay all copying and shipping costs. I want to try and display as much information as possible on this site.

Many thanks

Jim Moody