Typical VS57 Installation Kit

The image below shows a typical McCulloch Installation kit, with this one being for a 1956 Plymouth. Sorry about the large size and subsequent large download time, but I felt it would be useful to show this, and didn’t want to compress it too much as a lot of detail would be lost.

56 Plymouth Kit

The constituent parts of this kit are:-

1)      Supercharger

2)      Mounting bracket

3)      Idler Arm assembly

4)      Retaining Rings and Washers

5)      Crank Pulley

6)      Belt

7)      Hose – Supercharger to Carburetor

8)      Hose – Supercharger to Air Cleaner

9)      Air Cleaner

10)  Bracket to support Hose

11)  Bracket to support Air Cleaner

12)  Carburetor Modification Kit (Carter in this example)

13)  Resistor Assembly

14)  Electric fuel pump kit

15)  Manifold Vacuum Switch

16)  Carburetor bonnet

17)  Hose – Supercharger to fuel pump

18)  Hose – Vacuum switch to manifold

19)  Nipple – Manifold

20)  Nipple – Fuel pump

21)  Hose Clamps for Supercharger to Carburetor Hose

22)  Hose Clamps for Supercharger to Air Cleaner Hose

23)  Spacer for engine cooling fan

24)  Shims for the engine mounts

25)  Wire for electrically connecting the Vacuum switch to ignition and Supercharger.

26)  Grommet strip for interface between Air Cleaner and bracket, to reduce resonance.

27)  Screen for air cleaner inlet

28)  Stud for bolting bonnet to carburetor inlet.

29) Spacer used for extending the bonnet height, as required on some installations.

30)  Hose for connecting bonnet to carburetor float chamber/secondaries

31)  Baffle for float chamber of carburetor

32)  Gasket for mounting of carburetor on intake manifold.

33)  Accelerator pump seal assembly

34)  Gasket for mounting bonnet onto carburetor

As you can see the kit was pretty comprehensive, and contained everything required in order for a dealer to install the kit on the required application.  Obviously nowadays we are not going to find the majority of these parts for the system, more specifically the gaskets, hoses, nipples, spacers, electric fuel pump, etc., however we are fortunate in that modern, more reliable, replacements can be found for some of these parts, and with minimal rework can be adapted to allow us to set up a McCulloch system.