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The McCulloch Supercharger Website

This site is dedicated to the McCulloch VS57 Superchargers produced during the 1950ís. Iíve created it due to the lack of information readily available on these remarkable devices, and hopefully it will turn into a reference area for those of you who have, or are thinking about installing a McCulloch on your auto.

The site is under gradual development and is initially concerned exclusively with the VS57 Superchargers. I hope to extend the site to cover VS57 variants, the 1930ís McCulloch Superchargers, and the VR57 Superchargers once I have achieved sufficient coverage of the VS57. This is assuming I can find out enough about these Superchargers to be able to give them adequate coverage. Your help with this would be appreciated, please see Help me! for more information.

I anticipate that the site will be updated weekly, but it is quite a slow process researching and re working material to display, so the weekly updates will probably only involve a couple of pages or so. So please have patience if I havenít yet covered the areas that you are particularly interested in.

Thanks for the good response to the site, and the support I have been given.

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Site Messages

I'm missing a few McCulloch Tips from the Motor Trend magazine - is anyone able to scan these and e-mail them to me?. Actually I'm desperately running out of new information, particularly with regards to the D0-VS59 and VR supercharger variants.

I'm also desperaterately lacking in McCulloch installation literature for non-Ford applications, i.e. Chevrolet, Oldsmobile, Buick etc., any help with this would be very much appreciated. Also I'm after Carter AFB and WCFB modification information for blow through applications.

I'm collating serial numbers for the VS57, VR57 and DO-VS59 or DO-59 units. This is basically to give me a better feel for the number of superchargers manufactured, the number of variants made (such as VS57C, VS57H, VR58C, etc.,) as well as to help document the supercharger history.

I'd be grateful if you could supply me with the numbers of any units you have, along with, if possible, an indication of the application if it is believed to have been an original installation - and any comments that you feel may help me. You can either post the numbers in response to this message in the discussion area, or e-mail them to me on jim@vs57.com Any information received will be treated as confidental with respect to private information (sender, application, location). The only information that may be published would be the actual number- if that proves to be the highest that I encountered for a particular variant. Thanks in advance


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I do not claim to be a guru on McCulloch Superchargers, and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information on this site. If you have any corrections, or additions, to the information presented on this site then please contact me.

The author Jim Moody does not assume any liability for any direct or indirect damage, injury, loss of property or life due to use or misuse of comments, suggestions, procedures, modifications, enhancements or repairs discussed on the discussion pages, or on any of the site pages. Jim Moody also assumes no liability for any of the opinions expressed on the discussion pages.

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Last updated:- 6th October 2005