Unfortunately to post items you want, or are selling, you値l have to email me, and I値l endeavor to post the items as soon as possible. I normally check my mail daily, so there normally shouldn稚 be too much of a lag. Hopefully I値l be able to set up a form to make postings automatic, but for now it痴 straight through me. I知 using this onsite format, rather than an offsite guestbook type, as it allows you to post images and get items removed when they are sold. To list wants and items for sale contact me.

Posted entries will be ordered chronologically, the most recent at the top, so yes, my listing (sorry, but I need bits as well) will get pushed to the bottom if you start posting yours. I値l set no time limit initially and see how it goes

Please keep items Supercharger related if possible. That includes modern supercharger/turbocharger set ups for vintage engines, and I値l also allow vintage speed equipment, as the point of the site is to get everyone going faster. Try me and see.

For Sale (12/14/04) - Paxton Guage Pack

For Sale - A Paxton guage pack , early to mid-sixties vintage - possibly Shelby. Sensible offers. Frank Murphy

Wanted (12/02/04) - Paxton setup for '60-64 Chrysler

Wanted Complete dual Paxton setup for '60-64 Chrysler long ram motor. Like Granatelli used on his 300F at Bonneville. Leads appreciated. Thanks, Wayne wgraefen@ktc.com

Wanted (11/17/04) - 1957 Thunderbird Pulleys and Brackets

Wanted pulleys and or brackets for VS 57 supercharger 57 TBird. Please contact Jim kc6uwx@msn.com.

For Sale (11/05/04) - VS57 Supercharger

For Sale:- VS57S McCulloch supercharger, cast aluminium hat #37580 / F21016, and a chromed idler and mounting bracket assembly to fit Buick nailhead V8. All appear nice, complete and original. This was a garage find in an old mans stash from years gone by. $1000.00 obo. Will trade for speed equipment & chromed parts for 52-57 DesSotot Hemi or other interesting speed parts. Thanks. Ojai Rick at desoto6x2@aol.com

Wanted (11/05/04) - Y Block Exhaust manifolds

Wanted - Exhaust manifolds for 57 Bird 292 engine. Thanks - Jack Dicke. jdicke9033@wideopenwest.com

Wanted (10/21/04) - Two carb bonnets

Wanted - Looking for two matching carb bonnets in cast aluminum . 313-202-7650 william.howerth@akahn.com

Wanted (10/18/04) - Ford Y Block VS57 Bracket and Pulley

Wanted - Everything to mount supercharger[vs57] to Ford y block. I have the supercharger but thats all. Jim 310- 308 2400 cell [california] halhorseshoe@earthlink.net

For Sale (09/01/04) - Y Block Exhaust manifolds

I have original Ford 292/312 exhaust manifolds available. Pictures available on request. click@pc-intouch.com

Wanted (09/01/04) - VS/SN Dipstick

Wanted, a dipstick suitable from a McCulloch or Paxton supercharger. Email: grobb284@aol.com

For Sale (06/01/05) - VS57 Supercharger kit for 50's Cadillac.

I have a VS-57 Supercharger, mounting bracket, belt an other odds and ends for a early caddy install. I also have a couple of brochures and the original installation and troubleshooting instructions. Also , there is detailed instructions on how to install on 1950 to 56 cadillac. I can provide pictures if necessary. Cell # 484-433-3132 Thanks........Obie O'Brien

Wanted (04/14/04) - Sn60 paxton supercharger kits, For Mr Norm 1972 GSS Dodge Demons

Looking for Sn60 paxton supercharger kits, For Mr Norm 1972 GSS Dodge Demons, parts,gauges,brackets, Mr Norm air box etc. as pictured above. If you can I need a kit like this or parts. Mike Sylvester plymouth10@aol.com

Wanted (04/04/04) - 305 V8 McCulloch Supercharger

I am looking for an older McCulloch S/C to mount on a Chev 229 V6 ( 70's vintage). I believe this is the same block configuration as a 305 V8. Can you lead me in the right direction? Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, Geoff Dettlinger Walnut Creek, CA (925) 932-2900 X-20 geoffyd2000@yahoo.com

Wanted (04/04/04) 54 Kaiser Manhattan Supercharger parts.

I'm looking for an intake, carb, and McCulloch VS-57-B supercharger used on a '54 Kaiser Manhattan. I would need the brackets for the supercharger and pulleys as well. Thanks! paul_rattenbury@yahoo.com

For Sale (04/04/04) - McCulloch Dealer Sign

Limited edition reproduction "McCulloch authorized Dealer" metal double sided flange sign .Nice condition with a few minor scratches. $225 Brian jaytwo@chartermi.net phone 507.388.3130

Wanted (04/04/04) -Thunderbird F code Setup.

I have a 1957 ford thunderbird f code I need a complet supercharger for the 312 if you can help email me at scastro2003@msn.com thanks

Wanted (04/04/04) - VS57B Setup

I am looking to buy a VS57B and associated hardware for an L6 226 engine that was used by Willys Jeep in the 50's. Rich - sltlibro@aol.com Seekonk MA

For Sale (02/09/04) - 1957 Thunderbird VS57 Setup.

I have a 57 TBird supercharger for sale .I have the vs57 c 8145 supercharger . and the bonnet . The f t 101 c mounting brackets the main one and little ones. and the ft 104 b 6.62 od crank pulley and v-belt all in very good shape you can Email Dave Scholtens at wooden@telus.net $1400.00 o.b.o

Wanted (01/05/04) - Fenton Headers for a Ford Y Block.

I am in need of a set of FENTON HEADERS for my 1957 Ford. Do you know of any??? A perfect set of Hedmen Hedders would be second choice. John E. Gambill Sr.

Wanted (01/05/04) - McCulloch supercharger model 39M/40M style.

Wanted McCulloch supercharger model 39M/40M style. With intake manifold and idler pulleys. For ford flathead model 8BA (preferred but not necessary) Please contact Matthew, at cloudysky@sbcglobal.net

Wanted (01/05/04) - Corvette Supercharger Setup.

I am looking to purchase a complete supercharger setup for my '54 Corvette (i.e. 6 cylinder with 3 carbs). please contact me at 928 776-8937

For Sale (01/05/04) - VS57 Supercharger

I have a ,,,vs57c11648 ? don't know from what ,for sale. 500 bucks supercharger only....joe lomastro 908 725 8332.

Wanted (12/16/03) - VS57 setup for oldsmobile rocket 303/324.

Still wanted: complete or as complete as possible setup for oldsmobile rocket 303/324, i did have everything but the supercharger but these parts were stolen at the harbour, still want to run a vs57 supercharged 303/324 rocket if anyone has a setup to spare please contact me. Daemon Lfman

Wanted (09/19/03) - 1954 Corvette Six Supercharger/Turbo.

I would really like to find a super charger or turbo for 54' Vette six that i have in my Kustom. If they even exist. I want to keep the dual carbs and exhaust though. Jason

Wanted (08/16/03) - 1958 Packard Hawk Power Brake Booster.

I am looking for a power brake booster for a 1958 Packard Hawk for a friend. If you can help us, please let me know by return e mail. I have been all over the net and cannot locate a source for parts for the Packard Hawk. Thanks W S Qualls. comet_64@thevillagelink.com

Wanted (08/16/03) 1956 Thunderbird Supercharger and manifold.

Looking for STOCK supercharger for my 56 bird 312ci. And 1957 Single quad or dual quad manifold as complete as poss. Peter (714) 642-0770 CELL Peterhbedford@aol.com

Wanted (08/16/03) 1954 Packard Speed Equipment/Supercharger

Wanted - Any interesting speed equipment for a circa 1954 Packard straight 8. including multiple carb manifold and supercharger. What have you got? I am not a dealer! Thanks, Barry oldmill@rideau.net

Wanted (08/07/03) 邦cCulloch Flathead Ford Kit

McCulloch Kit for Flathead Ford. Would like to install one on my model A hot rod pickup. I would like to even piece on togeather with parts. I would rather get a complete setup. Thank you Aaron.vonminden@designworksusa.com

For Sale (06/19/03) Studebaker Air Box.

McCulloch airbox for Studebaker. Top # 1542334 bottom #1543939 for 2bbl 4 bolt carb has outside idle mixture adjusters, lever for throttle in and out side good condition $200 e mail me at johngolsenent@msn.com

For Sale (05/30/03) 1957 Ford 312.

Original 312 out of a 1957 Thunderbird. All there including the aluminum valve covers in very good shape. Iwant $800 for the motor. My number is 559 782-1462 call anytime. Johnny Cochina0517@aol.com

Wanted (05/14/03) 邦cCulloch Supercharger Medallion

I need I have a VS57 and I am looking for the McCulloch Emblem that sits on top of the supercharger.  All I need is the Mcculloch emblem, but I may be interested in a Kaiser emblem if I can find one.  Contact me at NSH1957@hotmail.com.

For Sale (05/06/03) DO-VS59 Supercharger, Tri-Power Competition Kit and brackets.


I have a DO-VS59 with brackets and pullys. Also a Tripower competition carb kit. The tension spring & arm with pully is F-20940 . The Aluminium engine bracket is F-101C. I also have a small pully with short arm no # 1/2 x 3 3/4. Also a vacuum switch. Would like to sell all DO at $600 --- the brackets at $150 each and the 3-2s carb kit at $800, or best offers. Call me at 818-8423590 or CMOKRACEK@AOL.COM ask for MOE.

Wanted (05/04/03) 坊S57 Supercharger Output Shaft

I need an output shaft for a kaiser supercharger vs57b. mine is pitted a little and whining. please contact bo@dealexpress.com

Wanted (04/24/03) 坊S57 Supercharger

Wanted VS57 unit. Also I wish to install one on a Chevy 235 straight six. Any information, part numbers, brackets, and parts would be appreciated. Nailhed425@aol.com

Wanted (04/07/03) -Flathead Mercury V8 McCulloch Kit

I am looking for is a VS57 supercharger set up for a 1950 Mercury,it must be 100% complete with everything needed to install it correctly on the engine.All the components must be in excellent condition.My email is manuell@smart.net.au

Wanted (02/19/03) - I am looking for any technical information on the SN60 paxton supercharger. If any one has the manual please contact me on kirstyv77@optusnet.com.au

For Sale (02/10/03) Impellor

McCulloch Paxton VR or VS supercharger impeller in mint condition, $75.00 mailto:evansda@fast.net

Wanted (02/10/03) - I am  looking for 30's McCulloch supercharger to fit to a 1932 FordV8 mailto:bellytank@tx.thn.ne.jp

Wanted (01/23/03) - I am looking for an ACH-1001B or CH101 idler, a CH104 or C104 crank pulley, a CH101 or , ACH1000B bracket, or any info on Mcculloch installation on a Chevrolet 235 inline blue flame six crosbyfs56@aol.com

Wanted (01/23/03) - Looking for a original supercharger for my 58 packard hawk. Would deeply appreciate any help that you can provide. Please email or call me back. Mark White mswvette@msn.com 231-744-0067 Home 231-343-1712 Cell

Air Filter Elements for Sale (01/08/03): For sale:-

The first picture of the filter with FoMoCo on the end is a replacement filter for the original '57 Ford or Thunderbird factory supercharged oval air cleaner and the label on the box says: "Supercharger air cleaner element B7A 9601-E 1 piece" and the price is $60.00

The second picture is a replacement filter used in the round VS air cleaners made by McCulloch Paxton beginning in 1957 and used throughout the 1970's or 1980's.  The price on this element is $50.00. evansda@fast.net

Wanted (01/08/03) - I am looking for a VS57 crank pulley to fit a 1955/56 Ford/Mercury. hotrodman56@hotmail.com

Wanted (01/08/03) - I'm looking for a bracket to mount a paxton on an 88 mustang 5.0.  It allows me to mount the paxton on the passenger side where the alternator would be and it relocates the alternator underneath the supercharger on the passenger side also i am looking for a crank pully for the same application. Workhorse302@aol.com

Wanted (01/08/03) - I am looking for a Carb. hat for a 79' Camaro, small block Chevy. C79kArEbArE@aol.com

1956 Studebaker V8 Engine for sale (12/11/02): For sale, Studebaker V-8 with automatic transmission. $300 for the hole thing. Was running, came out of 1956 4 door. Contact Matt Roberts silverhawk1958@hotmail.com or 910-988-1215

Wanted (11/30/02) - Am looking for a Paxton Supercharger and Carburator for my 1964 Studebaker Super Lark.Its a full package Jet Thrust car thats currently set up like an R-1. Any help would be appreciated,Thanks Ed George

Wanted (11/11/02) McCulloch VS57 mounting bracket part number AF1000. jim@superscope.eclipse.co.uk

VS57 Demonstration unit for Sale (11/06/02):

I have an original cut away VS57 demonstration unit. I understand that there were only 25 made. I would like to sell this unit. Carl Lange - langetech2@erols.com .

Wanted (08/19/02) - I am looking for a triple water pump pulley, crank pulley and idler for 30's McCulloch model 37f 85 and also info on hooking up what I guess is an oil line and return line. Any help would go a long way. Thanks. Rick

Wanted (08/19/02) - HELP!!!!!! Completing a 100 point off frame restoration of a low mileage 58 Packard Hawk. I need 1 or 2 of the factory original hose clamps that go on the outlet hose of the supercharger (between the supercharger and the carb box). These are slotted in the middle from the screw tabs for about 2 inches and solid the rest of the way. I have everything else for the car including the 1 year only jack and even the original owners delivery papers in a colorful sleeve from the dealer!! This may seem trivial but I want the car to be factory delivered original all the way---Please help. Bill McDuff Current Classics currentclassics@sbcglobal.net 405-222-2277

Wanted (06/12/02) - I have a VS57 that was originally installed on a 50 Merc. flathead. The pump pulley is, I would guess for a wide belt. I plan to install this blower on a 51 Merc flathead which has narrow belts. Also the lower engine pulley is missing along with generator offset. Is there anybody out there that has installation instructions and possibly the missing components? I really would like to carry out this task. Thanks Neal Watkins Phone # (915) 263-2613 nwatkins@apex2000.net 

Wanted (05/12/02) - For SN-60.  Drive pulley.  I want to match either one of the pulleys in the photo below.  Prefer to match the smaller one, but will consider either.  Contact Dick J lsr_man@yahoo.com  

Wanted (04/30/02) I am looking for a 57 distributor with tach for my 312 Y Block engine. Does anyone have one for sale? Marc

Wanted (03/30/02) 1956 to 1958 (inclusive) issues of McCulloch Flywheel newsletter. email: jim@vs57.com

Wanted (03/30/02) Paxton oil filter kit part #38675 or the any parts of the kit which include the bracket (part #38231) and the pressure sender(part #38243). email: Kearyburnsmechan@aol.com

Wanted (02/12/02) Output shaft for VR57 and supercharger air cleaner assembly for a F code 1957 Ford. email: Kearyburnsmechan@aol.com

Wanted (01/05/02) 1955-1957 Thunderbird VS57 Crank Pulley (part No. AFT 1008). civiltest@saber.net

Wanted (09/27/01) An output shaft for a VS57. You can reach me at 925-422-6090 or email me. Randy. pulpification@home.com

Wanted (09/08/01) I am looking for a crager blower manifold for a ford y block. Crager made them in late 50s and early 60s. Needed for 54 club coupe project i am working on. E-Mail Bob on: Tobz2bhere@aol.com

VR57 Item for Sale (04/19/01):

NOS Ford and Chevy 6 valve fuel pump conversions - Bill Randel, tbrdnut@bellatlantic.net

Wanted (03/22/01) Paxton SN and VR-4 series supercharger head units and parts. Cores o.k. Please e-mail me with what you have. rlawson@niu.edu

Wanted (02/23/01) Kaiser Supercharger parts. I need a McCulloch VS57, 6V Solenoid, fuel pump, mounting bracket, kick down (throttle) switch and air cleaner for a Kaiser supercharger installation. Thanks. IPLEDGE@aol.com

VS57 Items for Sale (10/23/00):



(1) VS57 Idler Arms (Part numbers 37091 and 37395) $150 each,
(2) VS57 Ball Driver (Part number 1542952) $40.00,
(3) VS57 Pulley Sheaves (Part number 1542912) $60.00 each,
(4) VS57 Raceload (Part number 1542955) $55.00,
(5) VS57 Scroll Cover (Part number 1542968) $65.00. 

 Robert Kapteyn, 112 Bissel St. Joliet, Illinois 60432 voice: (815) 722-7262 rkapteyn@ameritech.net or studebaker@mac.com

Wanted (09/29/00) - I'm looking for a roots mag blower for a 1953 Devin Panhard. Mark Robert Brinker mbrinker@swbell.net

VS57 Items for Sale (07/23/00):


(1) "McCulloch Supercharger Model VS-57 Shop Service Manual, Installation and Operation Troubleshooting", reprint of 65 page manual with illustrations, bound, $30.00

(2) McCulloch Supercharger, 12 page tri-color foldout sales brochure. 4.5" x 9", Bulletin #1502, Mint condition, $25.00.


Successfully Sold Items and Satisfied Wants (for reference)